My first post


My first post, is rather unceremoniously and unapologetically, entitled “My first post”. This is no doubt the outcome of sleep deprivation and sleep disruptions caused by having multiple young children coupled with bringing home work when duty calls. So the question is, despite of and inspite of work, multiple children, and personal pursuits, why do I still want to write? As if I have enough time on my hands!

George Orwell couldn’t have put it more succinctly and eloquently. So I refer to all interested in what he says to this link:

But of course, he is not a mum, and mums have other reasons to write on and on about children. Not all of which egocentric. I think my reason of writing as a mum would be closer to his fourth reason, which is having a “Desire to push the world in a certain direction, to alter other peoples’ idea of the kind of society that they should strive after”. And in my world as a mum, the ideal kind of society that we should strive after is where all our children, regardless of race, class, faith and colour, have their space to grow their gifts and shine their light. That is why I want to write.

The other reason is more personal and less lofty sounding, but perhaps a bit more real and close to my heart. Children grow up so fast, like sand slipping through one’s fingers. Before I know it, my eldest is already 7 and my 4th one arriving in 3 months’ time. I know my time here in this world is also transient, but I am hoping against hope that I can etch a little corner of semi-permanence in the cyberspace, where little treasures of the daily grind can be stored and revisited in times to come, of the precious moments of my children’s life, which one day they can look back and say to themselves, this is how I come to be, and this is from whence I shall go forth. And like arrows, one day they shall all be sent shooting away from me to pursue their individual cause, and all that I want to have left of them, would be memories that I have once been there for them while they were being shaped and formed.

So this blog shall be the archive of my memories, a secret treasure trove, a collection of stories to be shared with my children’s children (and oh how they will love-hate me for that!), a little legacy that I can leave behind. For I have no wish for earthly riches, but if any story or writing of mine should enrich my life, or my children’s life, or for that matter, any reader’s life, I would think that it would have  served its purpose, and well worth the time and energy spent to do it.

So here it is, my first post on musingmummy. 🙂 I will be enjoying this. 🙂


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