So you really like children?

I was about to drift into dreamland, soaking in the crystalline sound of piped-in spa music and the gentle scent of sweet almond oil and the sensation of cooling cucumber collagen mask smoothed on my face when my therapist had to ask the inevitable question, “When are you due?”

I mumbled out of my frozen mask, “December.”

“December….hmmm….” My dear therapist peered at my records. “This is your number FOUR!”

I tried hard to stay expressionless under my mask, “Yes it is.”

Then comes the inevitable remark. “So you really like children?”

Usually I would just smile at this juncture to avoid embarrassing responses like “Yeah, what do you think?”, or “No, I don’t really like children but I enjoy sex a lot with my husband”, or “Sorry I don’t give this matter much thought, really”, the last which happens to be the truth.

But now being stuck at the beautician’s bench buried under the fast hardening mask, I had no ready defense mechanism. All I could do is to mumble, “Yeah.”

The inane comment made me stay awake for the rest of my facial treatment, which is very rare, thinking of the question, Do I really like children?

Generally speaking, I don’t mind them very much. They are a constant source of inconvenience and attention seeking most of the time, but really they are a joy to behold at certain moments. Especially if they belong to me, somehow looking at them while they smile or sleep, or even smile in their sleep, stirs in me a warm fuzzy feeling that is very akin to what one feels after eating freshly flipped pancakes and maple syrup coupled with hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold rainy morning.

Just look at their baby pictures. Just what is there not to like about children?


Looking at these pictures turn my heart to mush and knees to jelly every time. And it would be moments like these that make the seemingly endless night waking and diaper changing and rules setting worthwhile. And wait till they are a bit older, and can hold a decent argument with you, you will then thoroughly enjoy moments like this:

What a joy it is! To watch them grow up to hit each milestone to look exactly like each other PLUS growing into each other’s clothes. To herd them around like little lambs when I am taking public transport, or even better still, taking a plane and having them all wanting to go to the toilet at the same time during air turbulence. Or having them all nestling close to me during bedtime, each fighting for an arm, or a leg, or any bit of mummy they can lay their hands/legs/head on. Or having them whisper sweet little nothings into each other’s’ ears, only to turn into full scale squabbling in the very next minute. Or having them fight for the prime seats on mummy’s left and right during dinnertime…

So tell me, what is there not to like about children?


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